Workshops & Performances

If you are interested in learning Japanese calligraphy and culture at your school, or event,  Chiyo is available for conducting workshops. Please feel free to contact Chiyo and share your thoughts.

Japanese calligraphy (beginner or advanced)
Japanese culture (art & craft, language, customs and more)

Live Calligraphy

Pacific Northwest artist Chiyo Sanada, originally from Hiroshima, Japan, began training in calligraphy at age seven. She earned her degree in Japanese calligraphy from Hiroshima Bunkyo Women’s University. Chiyo creates her art from her home studio in Olympia WA. Her work is featured in galleries and exhibitions through the Northwest. Chiyo teaches calligraphy, instructs workshops, and conducts live calligraphy performances at both public and private events. As she expresses herself with Kanji characters, her thoughts and emotions flow from hand to brush to paper. While many people in the U.S. cannot read kanji characters, most  seem to be able to sense the meaning she is trying to convey through her brush strokes, colors she uses, and other artistic choices.